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November 1, 2011 1 Comment »

Salesmanship in the New Century has changed. today listen more than 80% of the . They really listen and understand the customer’s real concerns. They look for opportunities to solve problems and to take the pain away. They are always striving for improvement. Their is to gain the majority of their targeted customers’ .They increase market share on a constant basis. Their transactions flow through a well-managed that they have established. Their time is focused on growth rather than transactional service (the team and the system do the servicing). They constantly seek to enhance their selling skills and the knowledge base of the industry they serve.  They not only focus on but they also focus their customers’ products and industry knowledge.

  • The habit of .
  • The habit of planning.
  • The habit of using a professionally prepared presentation.
  • The habit of .
  • The habit of record-keeping.
  • The habit of efficient time management.
  • The habit of self-.
  • The habit of continuous development of their industry knowledge.
  • The habit of self discipline.

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