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English and Spanish Dictionaries and Glossaries

March 11, 2010 7 Comments »

A is a simple tool which helps us with the pronouciation, spelling and grammar needed for correct and effective communication. A glossary is an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge. The list below are helpful resources for general and specialized terminology in and Spanish aimed for students, teachers, professionals and the general public.

English and Spanish Dictionaries and Glossaries

Accounting and Financial Dictionary English-Spanish dictionary provided by Spanish translator , a site with free resources for English-Spanish translators

Biology Glossary English – Spanish glossary of technical terms used in ecology, evolution, and systematics

Business Dictionary English to Spanish terminology and vocabulary

Child Welfare Glossary English – Spanish child welfare terms from the Child Welfare  ’s Bureau

Deaf & Blind Glossary English – Spanish glossary of concepts and terms from the National Consortium of Deaf-Blindness

Dental Terms Glossary English – Spanish dental glossary to improve dentist and patient communications Courtesy of Wake Forest

Election & Voting Glossary English – Spanish glossary of key election terminology from the US Election Assistance Commission

Fannie Mae Glossary of English and Spanish Industry Terms Mortgage, lending and borrowing terms

Financial Glossary English and Spanish terms from the Financial Monetary Fund website

Forestry & Wildlife Glossary English – Spanish terminology used in forestry, range, wildlife, fishery, soils, and botany from the USDA Forest Service

Free Dictionary Online English to

HUD Glossary of Mortgage terms English to Spanish glossary of mortgage and financing terminology from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Internal Revenue Service Glossary English – Spanish glossary of terminology used in Publications issued by the Internal Service

OSHA Dictionary-Construction Industry Terms English – Spanish glossary of Occupational Safety & Health Administration construction industry terms

Political Science Glossary English – Spanish glossary of important political science terms from Thompson Wadsworth Learning

Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary Spanish dictionary

Special Education Glossary English-Spanish glossary of special education terminology provided by the Van Buren Intermediate School District

Superfund & WQARF Terms English – Spanish environmental quality glossary from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Technical English – Spanish Glossary Technical terminology courtesy of the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires

Tomisimo English-Spanish & Spanish-English dictionary

WordReference English to Spanish & Spanish-English dictionary

English Spanish Glossaries Portals and search engines that take you to a large number of glossaries on every topic imaginable, as well as general dictionaries, encyclopedias and other resources for translators. If you are looking for a very particular glossary that does not fall in the other categories, check the portals in this section

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