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Follow-up, top-of-mind, share of mind or what?

September 2, 2011 1 Comment »

Follow-ups allow you to communicate real value to prospects. A good follow-up will increase and win you many sales, just like the lack of doing so will lose you even more.  Not following up will leave you a trail of could-have-been behind you. Following up should not just be for those sales you haven’t closed yet, but also for the clients you already have.  A good follow-up with a client can get that client to buy again, as well as get you referrals.


Follow-up is all about staying on the front burner with a prospect or client. A saying that I relate with follow-ups is “out of sight, out of mind”.  The idea that something is easily forgotten or dismissed as unimportant if it is not in your direct view. If a client or prospect does not keep hearing from you, they will most likely forget about you.  So you have to keep reminding them of your existence.

When it comes to a prospect, you are never closer to a sale unless you are constantly in touch with him or her.  They usually have a lot on their plate, so when you stop touching base they’ll cool off. If you want a prospect warmed up on your service, you got to work to keep it in front of them.

For all your translation leads, the sales rep should always insist on getting the prospect on the phone to make a personal connection. Once you have spoken to the prospect, a follow-up email should be sent to solidify your bond and hopefully drive home the importance that the client will choose your company for their translation needs.  Good follow-ups build solid relationships.

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