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How to Sell More: Part 2

In part one of my “How to Sell More” blog series, I had touched on two important factors about how concentrating on oneself through continued and improved efficiency can directly increase .

For this segment, I want to focus on the of two basic sales fundamentals.

Pitching Your Product/

We often find ourselves forgetting what takes to sell.  Well, I will tell you now, the first thing you have to realize is that you do have an influence whether the is going to commit to your product or service and buy from YOU.  Let’s not forget that your role is to persuade clients to trust you and spend their hard working cash on what you have to offer.  You may think the most profitable food chain in the world, McDonalds, has an easy sale today but, remember at the beginning, their sales people taking orders at the cash register had to aggressively promote and explain the BIG MAC and products.


I do not know exactly why this happens but, it happens.  People apply, then interview for a job and win due to most likely a winning personality and or what appears to be a great résumé.  Then, on our first day on the job, we start “ACTING” like what we think people should act like while working the job.   Keep in mind, your interpersonal skills which you have developed throughout the years with your family and friends will benefit your professional sales career.  It is vital that you create an intimate bond from the start with your clients and set yourself apart from the rest of your competitors.

In conclusion, by spending the time to develop both of these very important skills, I have no doubt you will boost your future sales numbers.