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How to Sell More.

November 30, 2011 1 Comment »

There are just a few questions in life to which, even attempting to confirm, a definitive answer is virtually impossible.  The first question could involve finding the meaning of life and the second probably would include locating the key to an afterlife.  The third question though, seemingly to be not as profound, often comes in the monetary form.  Recently, a colleague of mine asked me if I had any ideas about how to .  I then looked at him and kind of chuckled a bit.  My initial sarcastic response was about why he wasn’t asking a more difficult question.  Then I thought about his question for awhile and within the next couple of days I came with my response.  The answer could only be found from within oneself.  Meaning, after working in sales for almost a decade, the process to increase sales had to start with me.

Here are a couple of tips to help you generate more .

1.       Ongoing When you begin to work with a company, you often participate in a short training program in order to learn the basic company procedures, products and services you are to follow and provide.  However, after the training period finishes, is absolutely essential that you do NOT stop educating yourself.  Then, your ability to clients about how your or service can meet their needs will in turn help gain their confidence and greatly improve your chances of closing the sale, establish a relationship and gain referred clientele.

2.       Maximum Efficiency – Remember, we are living and working in the virtual age and it is time to put down the piece of paper and pen.  All too often do I hear my co-workers complain about working 10-12 hour days or how they missed an important email from a client.  Simply ask yourself “why” these things happen and adjust accordingly.  We all create bad habits but the most crucial part is that we indentify the problem and continue to work to correct it.  The more efficient your organizational skills are, the smoother the workflow and happier the will be.

In conclusion, do not wait for somebody else to keep you from moving forward and improving your sales.  Even though it is important to take advantage of the knowledge of your managers and proven colleagues but, you have to reach out and start to ask the questions first.

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