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October Haunts across Nations!

October is a month full of scary and haunted happenings… Witches and haunted houses, ghosts, ghouls and jack-o’-lanterns often carved with monstrous and grotesque faces symbolizing the awakening of spirits or goblins.

Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve is celebrated every October 31 on the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows (or All Saints). The true origin of Halloween is said to be found in a Celtic festival known as Samhain. Many countries celebrate this holiday in different ways, although is most popular in the United States and Canada. The modern festivities include trick-or-treating—which originated in Ireland, lighting bonfires and telling tales of terrifying , watching horror flicks and going for haunted outings just for kicks.

We all have heard of the famous witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts. Many were wrongly executed for witchcraft after a series of hearings and prosecutions of the accused. More than 3 centuries later, the resolution honoring those who had died was finally signed on October 31, 2001, proclaiming them all as innocent. Witches and haunted houses in Salem, Massachusetts extend back to the early colonial days, into the 1600’s. Today it is on the map of America’s most haunted towns.

For those who enjoy the spooks and scares, Halloween is definitely your holiday! Indulge in the ritual of selecting the perfect pumpkins from a pumpkin patch and carving them with terrifying faces. Carefully plan the decorations for your haunted house and set your jack-o’- lanterns out at night, lit with candles, casting eerie shadows along your porches and entries. The effect will finally be complete by dressing up in yo10574525-art-of-halloweenur most fear-provoking costume and ghastly makeup in the hopes of frightening trick-or-treaters. Or host a haunted party and serve creepy food and drinks to your guests.

Halloween is also observed in , Sweden, Germany, Korea, Japan, Ireland, Belgium, Austria and various other countries. During the month of October, we translate several handouts, flyers,  marketing brochures for our throughout the world. Today Halloween is not just celebrated in the and Canada, its significance is seen throughout the world.

However and wherever you choose to spend Halloween this October, be safe and have a Happy Halloween!