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Translations and Latin American Travel

Are you considering or planning a trip south of the border? Apart from booking your flight to your Latin American destination and packing a bottle of sunscreen (the sun is indeed much stronger there), you should consider whether you may need fulfill any requirements with U.S. and foreign authorities. Certain Latin American

The One-stop Shop for Technical Translations

As a translation company that provides multiple services to all sorts of different companies, organizations, and private clients, it is fundamental for our clients that our translations be specific and precise to the purposes and objectives of the documents. For this reason, it is important to calibrate the technical level

Neutral Spanish

To wrap up my previous post, I’d like to make a brief comment on this subject. A translation targeted towards different Spanish speaking regions or countries should be translated into “Neutral Spanish”. As I mentioned before, it’s very important that the client be aware of this. What we’re talking about is a stand