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Types of Spanish Part 2

March 30, 2011 1 Comment »

International Spanish At an international conference held in Valladolid 15 years ago, “Spanish and the Media”, the then director of a Miami newspaper commented on the various nationalities of the newspapers’ readers and editors, all Spanish speakers, to which she added that the Spanish used could be descr

Types of Spanish

I found an interesting article on the use of Spanish in the United States, which includes the opinions of several journalist and linguist on how to differentiate and unify Spanish. One of the main topics discussed is the possible and necessary standardization of Spanish in the media, mainly between international Spanish a

Glossary of Neutral Spanish – Part 4

As I promised here’s the last part of the glossary of Neutral Spanish terms, which I shared with you in previous posts. quitar (take off, take out) rabo (tail) rasurar (shave) refresco (soda,”coke”) refrigerador (fridge) renta (rent) retrete, excusado (toilet) rosquillas  (donuts) sabroso (tasty, yummy) sala (liv

Glossary of Neutral Spanish – Part 3

This the third part of the glossary (just one more left) is a continuation of the previous posts 1 and 2. Below are words from letter F to P. falda (skirt) fontanero  (plumber) fregadero  (sink; kitchen) fresa (strawberry) frijol (bean) gafas, lentes (glasses) galleta (cracker, cookie) gaveta (drawer) golpiza (beating, th

Glossary of Neutral Spanish – Part 2

November 25, 2009 2 Comments »

This is part 2 from the previous post. Included here are terms in Neutral Spanish from letters C to E. I’d like to remind you that this list is specifically for subtitling and voice over; there may be different options. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions to add to the list. cabello (hair) […]

Glossary of Neutral Spanish – Part 1

Here an additional note on Neutral Spanish. I’d like to share with you the first part of a list of neutral terms (not exclusive), complied for the use of the movie industry, mainly for subtitling and voice over. As I mentioned in a previous article, these terms are only a standardized version, that is, the […]

Neutral Spanish

To wrap up my previous post, I’d like to make a brief comment on this subject. A translation targeted towards different Spanish speaking regions or countries should be translated into “Neutral Spanish”. As I mentioned before, it’s very important that the client be aware of this. What we’re talking about is a stand

Language Localization

October 29, 2009 1 Comment »

In a previous post, Justin had mentioned that there are language differences in countries where English is the official language (e.g. in England, the Unites States, Australia and Canada). There are also differences in countries where Spanish is natively spoken, for instance Spain, Latin America, and even Spanish speakers i