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How to Handle a Translation for a Video or an Audio?

We at Trusted Translations Inc. receive numerous quote requests for translations of videos and audios. An estimated quote can be provided without the actual video or audio, but since there are many factors that can influence the outcome of the quote, it is always better if the client can provide the source file. Here is t

“Subtitling” or “Dubbing”

This weekend I watched two very interesting, although very different genre movies. One was the latest action Bond film from the renowned James bond franchise: Skyfall, and the other a drama film directed by Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez: Biutiful. Not only was the content of these films very different but also the lan


It’s summer time here in the US and going to the movies is a great American pastime. The act of watching a movie is a release from the daily grind, an excursion, a mini vacation for the family. Globalization and technology now allows movies to be simultaneously released all over the world. For example, the […]

Glossary of Neutral Spanish – Part 4

As I promised here’s the last part of the glossary of Neutral Spanish terms, which I shared with you in previous posts. quitar (take off, take out) rabo (tail) rasurar (shave) refresco (soda,”coke”) refrigerador (fridge) renta (rent) retrete, excusado (toilet) rosquillas  (donuts) sabroso (tasty, yummy) sala (liv

Glossary of Neutral Spanish – Part 3

This the third part of the glossary (just one more left) is a continuation of the previous posts 1 and 2. Below are words from letter F to P. falda (skirt) fontanero  (plumber) fregadero  (sink; kitchen) fresa (strawberry) frijol (bean) gafas, lentes (glasses) galleta (cracker, cookie) gaveta (drawer) golpiza (beating, th

Glossary of Neutral Spanish – Part 2

November 25, 2009 2 Comments »

This is part 2 from the previous post. Included here are terms in Neutral Spanish from letters C to E. I’d like to remind you that this list is specifically for subtitling and voice over; there may be different options. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions to add to the list. cabello (hair) […]