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How to Handle a Translation for a Video or an Audio?

Video BlogWe at Trusted Translations Inc. receive numerous quote requests for translations of videos and audios. An estimated quote can be provided without the actual video or audio, but since there are many factors that can influence the outcome of the quote, it is always better if the client can provide the . Here is the process that an goes through once a quote request is received.

The account manager provides the audio or video to the project manager together with the requested target language. The analysis is then made and the account manager can then prepare a detailed quote. The first step before the translation can begin is to have the verbal of the video/audio transcribed. This is a process that takes quite some , depending on how many voices can be heard, the clarity of the audio and how fast it is spoken. A general estimate is that around 175 words are spoken per minute. The cost of  is provided in hours, and depending on the audio, it may sometimes take up to 8 hours to transcribe 1 hour of speech; this will vary depending on the number of narrators and the speed of speech.

Once the content of the audio/video has been transcribed, the translation, editing and proofreading process can begin. All resources are always native speakers of the target language to ensure the highest possible . In general, the transcription/translation will also include all time codes, which means the exact time reference is tied to the audio. Once finished, the translation is delivered in a word format.

In addition, also offers services such as subtitling, , voice-over and lip-synchronization. In case you would like to have an audio or video translated, please feel free to contact us at