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The Challenges and Rewards of Becoming a Translator

1336101605859 a text is undoubtedly not an easy task. Upon deciding how best to render it in another language, so that it is both understandable and faithful to the original, increases the complexity of the process. Many times, depending on the context, words may mean many different things.

When translating, choosing one word over another can drastically alter an interpretation and even, at times, obfuscate the meaning. Other times, certain words or expressions prove too challenging for an effective translation and are often adopted just as they are in the original language, for example the words karma or zeitgeist.

So the question remains…Why become a when it involves complete attention to linguistic details for the written word?

Solid language skills are a must. There are strict tests for fluency and training programs to assist with refining your linguistic tools for the challenges of the profession. True professionals will specialize in a specific field, and although this will create boundaries and limits for this individual, rendering him or her less versatile, the rewards will be reaped in the of the translated text.

The field of translation is often misconstrued as some people’s perception on the labor that a translator performs is deemed a simple adaptation of one language code to another.  This does not hold entirely true as language conveys the cultural aspect of the original meaning and the complications ascend to a higher level when reflecting and expressing the ideas in the target language. Add on the tight deadlines and the time-cost-quality triangle and the career is a true challenge.

With all this said, there is a true excitement in the challenges of this career. Going behind the scenes and getting a glimpse of the products and the functionality of different industries makes for an interesting study. The opportunities of being a notoriously detailed and recognized translator in the industry will depend on experience and job history.

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