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The Many Advantages to Learning Spanish as a Second Language




Spanish is currently the most widely taught non-English language in the U.S. Of more than 1.4 million university students enrolled in language courses, Spanish was the most widely taught language in U.S. colleges and universities with 53 percent of the total number of people enrolled.

There are many advantages to learning Spanish as a second language and many will enrich your life beyond your imagination.

First, especially in the U.S., learning Spanish can be a key differentiator in the work force.  Companies prefer employees / candidates with Spanish language capabilities.  In some cases, having Spanish languages skills is a job requirement.   Learning Spanish can make all the difference in a competitive job market especially as the number of Hispanics continues to grow in the U.S.

On a related note, given that Spanish is one of the most spoken languages worldwide with around 420 million native speakers and about 60 million second language speakers, learning Spanish can increase your social and work network significantly.  Spanish will not only allow you to communicate with individuals from 20 sovereign countries but can also facilitate communications with those that speak Spanish as a second language.   In today’s cyber social / work environment, this increased social and work network will certainly have a positive impact in your life no matter what line of work you may be in.

A second major advantage of learning Spanish relates more to opening new cultural doors and experiences.   The amount of literature, art, film and music projects in Spanish continues to grow and will provide you an endless source of enjoyment.  Whether you consume these cultural experiences online or in person, having a firm grasp of Spanish will likely heighten the enjoyment and understanding of the work and/or performance.

The third, and probably most significant advantage, is your ability to communicate and connect with other Spanish-speakers.  Whether you are in a foreign country or meeting new friends in your local community, your enhanced ability to connect with people from different cultures will enhance your life on many levels.  There are even studies to suggest that learning a second language has direct medical benefits including help protect against the effects of Alzheimer.

Whether you are looking for a new job, new life partner or just to appreciate a new song, learn Spanish and gain access to a new world of possibilities.




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