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Translating the World

July 22, 2011 1 Comment »

What really is a translation? Is it someone interpreting one language into another? In reality it is a lot more complex than that. The definition of Translation is the communication of the meaning of a  text accomplished by an equivalent target language text.

For many centuries the prevailing language used in , religion, and government in much of the Western world was Latin. This was later replaced nearing the end of the 16th century by our now more widespread living languages such , , , etc. This marked the death of Latin, putting an end for a common language. With the division of countries and continents, diversity of languages increased. Now, due to globalization,  connections are becoming inevitable among nations, and we therefore face a huge need for source material in one language to be accurately rendered into the target language, with special attention paid to cultural nuance and style.

High quality are being offered at competitive rates due to the demands of today’s market. Within a growing market, different variables are taken into consideration during the ’s decision such as Quality vs. . This gives way to a new age in translation that produces the need for “Specialization”; in other words, the more technically complex or specific translations are outsourced to a renowned in order to streamline the entire process altogether. A competent professional translator who specializes in a specific field of knowledge is contracted to render accurate translations. We can clearly determine that the entire translation process is not solely based on a single translator; instead it includes editing, proofreading and processing by a team of many.

As a company with 10 years in the industry, we understand our client’s needs and vouch to excel your expectations.

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