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What is a mistake

A mistake is an error or a blunder not necessarily made because someone is stupid. Mistakes happen and the smartest people on earth make mistake as well. It’s more important to identify a mistake and fix it.

Fix Mistakes

If mistakes occur, fix them. In a dream world, no mistakes would occur, but in reality, you may have to deal with them. If you do make a mistake.fix it!
Do it quickly and with a and an apology. Whether a project is delayed or there are issues. Fix it!

Your client will understand the mistake. If you fix the problem quickly and painlessly, the customer will remember the lengths you went to for his .

There will be times when you cannot fix a problem, like say missing a crucial deadline. What do you do then? Well, offer a discount on the next project or do what you can to salvage the . If this is your first mistake, I am sure the client will understand and continue working with you.

If you fix your problems promptly or make a genuine effort at the least, your customers will return again and again.
Staying organized and communicating clearly with production clearly will avoid a lot of

Preventative maintenance is the best road to take, but occasionally you may find a bump in the road. If so, repair it and continue to move forward to gain customer loyalty.

Help Customers Fix Mistakes.

Well let’s not be hard on ourselves. Customers make mistakes too. If your client makes a mistake, help them fix it.

Clients might give you the wrong information, wrong pair, , deadline, key details, etc. No matter what the customer causes, help him fix it as painlessly as possible. This is where your people skills will come in.

Explain what you think without pointing the client’s mistakes. Don’t make the customer feel bad or act like it’s “not your problem.”

Your client’s problem is always your problem.

This is your to solidify an existing relationship. Suggest how you can fix the problem, the cost that they will incur, the turnaround time that this will require and the production details.

You can always charge accordingly, but remember you do want to keep him as a client.



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