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When Is a Certified Translation Required?

Certified Translation

Here at Trusted Translations we receive many quotes and requests for a “one-page document,” e.g. a visa application, high- diploma, divorce decree, contracts and many other types of documents. What many clients do not know is that these in general require a notarized certificate. The main reason for this is that the original document together with the translated document and the corresponding notarized certificate are required for legal reasons.

Here are specific examples of when a certified translation is most likely required. When applying to universities or colleges, in most cases, the original diplomas or transcripts are required together with the translation and an accompanying certificate. However, this will always depend on each university’s and college’s policy, so is very important to request the exact requirements before submitting the documents for application.

When applying for a visa, any type of residency, driver’s license etc. in a foreign country or as an alien, it is very likely that all translated documents will need to be accompanied not only by a certificate, but even by a notarized certificate, in order to legalize the translations.

The translation process that takes place is translation, editing and proofreading, to ensure the highest output possible. In addition, a mirror translation is required, which means DTP (formatting and layout) is also needed, so that the translated document looks the same as the source file.

A certification generally says: “The document so and so for Mr. so and so was translated by a of qualified to read and translate this material. The documents were accurately translated from so to so to the best of our knowledge and belief.” At the bottom of the certificate is the notary stamp, which notarizes the certificate.

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