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3 Ways to Improve Translation Quality


It is extremely difficult to measure the quality of a , considering that there may be many options for a specific text being translated in several different ways, all of them being correct. But what exactly is a good translation?

Here at Trusted Translations, we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality translations for several reasons. A starts off with the Account Manager gathering all the necessary information: source filetarget language, driver (time, cost and/or quality), and in some cases even reference material, which is often required. In certain cases, it is up to the Account Manager to turn out a high-, because the Account Manager was responsible for defining the of the translation project.

Whenever quality is the main driver, we incorporate a 3-step translation process, which consists of translationediting and proofreading. This means that the translator has to be a of the target language and be specialized in the subject matter. Once the text has been translated, an will review the source text, paragraph by paragraph, to make sure no text was skipped or meaning was lost during the initial step of the translation process. Finally, the translated and edited documents will go through a final proofreading, performed by a third professional translator. Both Editor and Proofreader will also be of the target language. Always keep in mind that an additional pair of eyes will eliminate mistakes.

Once the translation has been completed, in many instances the text will have expanded by around 20% in the target language document. This is where our  department plays a very important role. Out DTP team makes sure that the final translated document has the same layout as the source file.

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