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Hate Getting Spam? Bad News..

August 19, 2009 2 Comments »

Do you ever get spam that makes absolutely no sense at all? Messages that say things like “summer slim-time muscle man science pill formulations”? Odds are that the original message was written in another and then run through an online machine .

Spammers worldwide have realized that they can peddle their garbage to anyone with an email account and now give a personal touch by putting it in your language. doesn’t attempt to sidestep any of the standard , but relies on sheer quantity to invade your inbox.

While most free email account provide decent spam blockers, a small percentage will inevitably get through to your main inbox. When your account is bombarded with ten times more spam, that percentage gets higher and higher.

of spam also fill up your junk mail folder faster, meaning that it takes longer to sift through if you’re double-checking that nothing important got filed under Junk.

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