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How to Achieve Customer Loyalty

How to enhance Customer LoyaltyIn a previous post, we identified the fact that it is a lot more expensive to gain new clients than to retain existing ones and that an increase of 5% in client retention can lead to an average of 75% increase in the average business’ profitability. Here are a few more important strategies that will help you retain customers and increase their loyalty:

Offer benefits for recurrent clients

This is a concept that has been around for a long time and has been adapted by all multinational businesses. Offering benefits, such as discounts or expedited translations at no additional cost are simple but effective ways of encouraging your recurrent clients to return to you. Another benefit often used is to offer your recurrent client a discount for providing referrals to your business, which clearly leads to additional business.

 Show flexibility

When faced with a problem or complaint, do not always stick to the protocol, but rather do everything possible to try and solve the problem by being flexible and going the extra mile. Resolving an issue for a client could mean earning their long-term loyalty, since clearly a client likes to receive empathy and also likes to be respected and valued.

Provide added value

Differentiate yourself from your competititors and make sure you provide added value to your customers. An added value by definition is the additional or extra service offered to your client. This can be a translation of a paragraph for free or a translation project delivered one business day earlier than scheduled. Try to surprise your clients with additional benefits, and you will see these will truly satisfy your customers and keep them loyal.

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