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New Year’s Resolution

Today I want to share my New Year’s resolution with you, which is to strive harder for improvement. Being in sales, my main focus has been to increase market share and help our clients grow.

Here at Trusted Translations,, we try our best to make sure that the transactions flow through a well-managed relationship, one that we have established over the years. We do believe that our ’s time should be focused on growth rather than service, and this is my focus as well.

Our main objective here at Trusted Translations is to improve our knowledge base of the industry we serve. knowledge is important but our main focus is our client’s product and their customers.

My personal resolution for 2014 is very much tied to my work:  “Work Hard, Play Hard.” The year 2013 was a productive year for me. The countless hours working at the office, working on projects, getting to know my client’s needs and how to better help them through meetings and personalizing their service requests, truly paid off.

Thankfully, though, I was also able to take some time off for a little vacation and come back full throttle in 2014! An important life lesson to learn is to give work all you got but to also take some time off for some R&R.

During 2014, I propose to inform our about our new and improved and ensure my new and recurrent clients are fully satisfied. I have confidence this will bring on an array of benefits such as improving our client relationship and aid in my continuous professional growth while offering a memorable experience for the client.  This is our primary goal here at Trusted Translations, Inc.