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Need something translated? You would assume it is a simple process: Just handover the document and the language that you would like it translated into and Whizzamm!! Perfect translated copy appears. Like any other product it helps to ask a few questions before making the . Here are a few questions you should think of asking before you give the green light to a .

Know your target reader: Many languages have , or, if you´re industry savvy, “flavors”. For example Spanish has a smorgasbord of “flavors” from Spanish from , to US Spanish, to another Latin American specific country, or a . It is important that your document is translated into the appropriate “” of your .

Know who will translate: Find out if the translator assigned to your project is native in the source (original document) or the target (the translated document) language. For the best translation you want to ensure that the translator working on your project is a native of the target language. That way your translated document is sure to read as if it was written in that language.

Know about your costs: When asking for a quote be sure to find out if you are being charged by the word or the hour. You should be able to know the cost of the project before you give the green light. The amount of hours it takes to translate your document can vary, the can´t. Don´t get taken for a ride… pay per word! Or at least agree on the final cost before giving the green light!!

Once you know your reader, translator, and cost, you´ll be in a good position to make a smart decision. Good luck and happy translating!!

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