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To DTP or not to DTP

(abbreviated DTP) is the creation of print ready materials using various industry standard software to combine and reorganize text and images for creating digital files. Desktop publishing can be used for designing brochures, , posters, logos, letterheads, etc. Depending on your needs, Desktop publishing may or may not be needed. Desktop publishing services are necessary for producing newsletters, brochures, books, and other documents that formerly required a typesetter.However, this service might not be needed if the output is for internal viewing/read only purposes. This can also be skipped if the source format of the document is in an editable format (MS Word, Excel, MS ppt, etc.). The for this service can either be incorporated in the per word cost of the language pair or considered as an add-on depending on the client’s and needs. This way the client can pick and choose which service is needed. If is the driver, then it is advisable to itemize this cost along with the cost of translation.If is the driver, then you are better off omitting DTP as the graphics dept might need additional time to mirror the source files. And finally, if cost is the driver, it is better to try and absorb the DTP cost where necessary. It is important to highlight these details to client and modify the as per the client’s needs.               , Inc. specializes in customizing each and every project as per the ’s requirements. The account manager assigned to your account discusses this with the working on your project and offers multiple solutions that can be tailored as per your requests.