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Spanish and the U.S. Presidential Election

“Estamos Unidos con John McCain” versus “¡Obamanos!”

Both the Republican and Democrat camps have made unprecedented efforts in their campaigns to show support for the community, as well as court its crucial votes. Both candidates have spent millions on translating and creating , radio and TV ads, and billboards directed towards

And while their goals are certainly the same, their campaign approaches are as different as they are. McCain’s website is very professional looking, featuring interviews with prominent in the U.S. and a special section called “Hablando Claro,” which is his Spanish version of “Straight Talk” on issues like the , the use of natural resources, and gun rights. The most popular sites reflect the more “grassroots” style of his campaign, with an Obama reggaeton song, videos of Obama speaking Spanish, and talk about immigration, , and foreign affairs.

So while both presidential candidates have put record efforts into addressing the Latino vote, whose approach will be more effective? That’s for voters to decide in November.

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