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“Tips of how to Anticipate your Clients’ Needs”

Clients generally contact Translation Agencies when they need a document translated as soon as possible for a business meeting or transaction. In other words, the nature of the is very re-active, as to being pro-active. I will give you a few tips of how you can change that situation as an and on top of that improve your client´s relationship and Customer ’s Quality.

First of all, it is very important to stay in regular contact with you clients through , , Messenger or even Skype. The more contact you actually have, the more you will learn about their needs. A good way of planning out the times you contact your clients is marking them down in a calendar or memos. Once you have a well thought out system by knowing when you should be contacting your clients, it is only a matter of following up on your game plan and being consistent about it. You will see that over the long-term it will pay off and will improve the relationship with your client.

In order to forecast your client´s translation needs as accurate as possible, go check your CRM (customer relationship management) System, which is a Software Program which includes all of these features such as: sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration, Mobile CRM, Social CRM and reporting. All you need to do is go into the client´s Sales performance of the past year, to see if there is any sort of Sales pattern. Once you know the History of your client´s Sales numbers, you will be able to make the appropriate Sales decisions.

Another tool is to use and offering a certain discount or send a monthly Newsletter with updates and interesting information of your . You may send this to your most loyal and recurrent clients or also to your long lost clients, who haven´t bought from you in a long . Results range from 1 – 5% of your clients responding to the e-mail Campaign and this is also good additional tool to find out about your client´s translation needs.