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How to Benefit from Client Feedback

April 26, 2012 1 Comment »

One of the most common expressions, at least where I come from in The United States, is that “Ignorance is Bliss”.

As I sometimes do agree this way of thinking may be beneficial when attempting to find my “spiritual center” in my personal life, I absolutely do NOT agree this particular mindset belongs in a professional work atmosphere especially from a perspective.

Below are 3 different classes of for when a sales representative or account manager may come across the opportunity to receive and benefit from both and negative feedback from clientele.

  1. Initial Feedback – During the first interaction, whether is via email, fax, phone or in person, the client will start providing feedback both directly and indirectly. It is extremely important that you, working as the provider, take notice of this initial information as it will set the standard for the rest of the . Examples of this type of feedback include identifying driver, preferred correspondence channels, working time zones, overall business attitude and more.
  2. Ongoing Feedback – As you establish a continuous network, the relationship with your client base will evolve and go through its ups-and-downs. Do not be afraid as this process, particularly in the sales world, is in fact normal. The sooner you accept this theory and constructive criticism as it comes, you then need adjust accordingly which will in turn increase the of life for all parties involved.
  3. Post Delivery Feedback – In my opinion, all categories of evaluation are to be taken seriously and acted upon in some way. If you are lucky enough to pass through the entire and receive a response after the first delivery then you are lucky my friend because you now have the chance to sell again and again and again.


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  • Commented on May 25, 2012 at 5:10 am

    Sometimes it’s better not to know the customer’s feedback. Once I heard that the translation I did was requested only because the law required it. It’s on the shelves somewhere untouched, I guess.