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A Little Loyalty Goes a Long Way

Reflecting back over the last few years I have spent in the industry, I wanted to see as to how many of my original clients are still with us today. That prompts a great discussion on the topic of customer loyalty. I began to ask myself what I did to create such loyalty. Believe me when I say there have been times when I thought loyalty might be tested, but after almost a decade in the industry, our customers have come to depend on us and the services we offer.

What our and Sales staff bring to our customers is broad knowledge, which covers the spectrum from sales to production and everything in between. We complement each other with our knowledge, and while my knowledge of sales may encourage customer loyalty, the production staff‘s in-depth analysis and experience help our clients in creating an atmosphere which makes it easy to do business with us. Focusing on making it easy to do business with you will pave the road to customer loyalty for years to come.

STEP ONE – Good Impressions
A good first impression or experience is very important, whether it’s a or a visit to your showroom. First impressions are the most important element in bringing a customer back.

STEP TWO – Customer Needs
The type of service you supply will be a big factor. I’m sure we all say that service is a key to our success, but your idea of good service may be quite different from what your customers expect. Be sure to do exactly what you say. If you promise a delivery in five days, then make sure the work is done in five days. Do not assume our delivery will coincide with our customers’ needs. is the key to good service. When customers’ needs are met, they become loyal because they know they can depend on you.

STEP THREE – Quality Counts
The quality of your work brings customers back. Keep a close eye on the quality of work produced. Ask a lot of questions, get detailed information- this ensures the customer’s confidence in knowing what it is he is going to get. Customers do not like surprises. A little preparation on the front-end will avoid mistakes on the final-end. Customers will appreciate your diligence in producing their projects correctly. This builds loyalty.

Be as competitive as you can be, but charge accordingly for the work you do. Communicate well on the pricing policies. Customers like to know what they are paying for. Herein lies the opportunity to turn an average document translation into a fantastic marketing print ready brochure.

STEP FIVE – Educate your clients
Be complete when your services. Make sure your customers have all the information they need in order to make smart decisions for themselves or their company. No one likes to give customers “too many choices,” but be sure they are aware of what is available. Be sure to give customers some options to choose from. Don’t shove discounts down their throat.

You would be surprised how much customers would pay for a nice finished if they knew you could get it for them.

To be continued…