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How To Exceed Client Expectations

A sales representative’s ability to correctly interpret the needs of both prospective and recurrent clients is extremely crucial in the sales process today.

Here are four helpful tips about how to exceed client expectations through better communication, and instantly increase sales revenue.

  1. ANTICIPATE – Remember to take advantage of your past experiences to be fully prepared when talking to your client. This does mean neither cutting them off in the middle of a sentence nor pushing them toward an empty sell. A good example would be, you acting as the sales representative, knowing when to simply calm the client’s nerves when there is no rush or apply a sense of urgency when time is of the essence.
  2. LISTEN – Pay very close attention to not only what your client is saying, but also the tone and speed of their voice. This will help you quickly classify their mood and will enable you to easily distinguish the project driver (Time, Price or Quality) in order to help gain confidence and increase your chances of closing the sale.
  3. EDUCATE – You know more about the ins-and-outs of the specific products and services your company offers than does your customer. This is why they are reaching out to you to fulfill their needs. Coach the customer about your industry and instruct them about all possible options available to match their request.
  4. FOLLOW UP – Take into consideration that your clients do have a life outside of your business relationship. Instead of waiting for them to contact you, it is extremely important to reach out actively to them in order to maintain contact and remind them of current / future project status, pending deliveries, quotes awaiting approval or even your work availability.
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