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The Future of Language

April 29, 2009 3 Comments »

I often wonder about the future of language.

And yes, the singular “language.”
In 2003, Hollywood released Code 46m a film that discusses something very similar to what I’d been wondering about. The movie takes place in the not-so-distant future with people “inside” and “outside” of a very controlled system in which “papeles” (papers in the language everyone speaks) are required for authorization. All of the characters speak a language that is essentially , but with different words from , , , Italian, Mandarin… For example, people greet one another in Mandarin, saying “Ni Hao.” Everyone has a “palabra” as a password and can get “Outside” if they have their “papeles.” Couples say “Ti amo” to one another and when William () is asked if he has , they ask him “Chico or chica?”

A lot of sentences are put together like these:

“You ever live afuera?”
“Did you have a cerveza?”
“I can’t find my cosa!”

Will the world this way in the future? And if so, in a not-so-distant future? I actually feel that with the growth of “” (and other combinations of languages), we are already on our way…

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