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The Future of Language

April 29, 2009 3 Comments »

I often wonder about the future of language.

And yes, the singular “language.”
In 2003, Hollywood released Code 46m a film that discusses something very similar to what I’d been wondering about. The movie takes place in the not-so-distant future with people “inside” and “outside” of a very controlled system in which “papeles” (papers in the language everyone speaks) are required for authorization. All of the characters speak a language that is essentially , but with different words from , , , Italian, Mandarin… For example, people greet one another in Mandarin, saying “Ni Hao.” Everyone has a “palabra” as a password and can get “Outside” if they have their “papeles.” Couples say “Ti amo” to one another and when William () is asked if he has children, they ask him “Chico or chica?”

A lot of sentences are put together like these:

“You ever live afuera?”
“Did you have a cerveza?”
“I can’t find my cosa!”

Will the world this way in the future? And if so, in a not-so-distant future? I actually feel that with the growth of “” (and other combinations of languages), we are already on our way…

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