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Trusted Translations Review: Personal Touch

When you a company offering /, who exactly are you looking for? Do you want to a rep or an actual project/ who is in direct contact with various sub-divisions of the department and knows the inner workings of your project?

Trusted Translations, Inchires, motivates and cultivates true professionals who go through extensive three month training within the production department before they are introduced on the floor.

When you contact Trusted Translations you will receive a professional and personal touch. Personal touch involves paying attention during and after the initial contact. How many times have you contacted customer service and been subjected to an obviously scripted response from the customer service rep? Does it give you the feeling they aren’t really listening, but just trying to get you off the phone?

The account managers at Trusted Translations, Inc. will through every customer service experience, from listening carefully to the client’s concerns to following up after the exchange is over to make sure their needs have been met. Listening isn’t just about hearing – it is about understanding what is really being said thus offering professional service with a personal touch.

The words are just the beginning – what about the client’s tone of voice and their mood. Keying in to the client’s mood and responding appropriately is essential, and it means not following a script.

Our resourcefulness lies in finding solutions when there appear to be none. Many companies have iron-clad policies that must be followed whenever a problem arises; however, sometimes a customer won’t be satisfied by the “company line” approach.

Being creative, isolating the problem and focusing on finding a solution is what separates us from the rest.