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Six Tips for a Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service SuccessIn many instances, the reason for a prospect to choose to go with a provider is not because of the lowest quote the prospect received, but rather due to the immaculate customer service received by the Account Manager. Well, what exactly is Service and what is it made of?

The Institute of has defined Customer Service as: “…The sum total of what an organization does to meet customer expectations and produce customer satisfaction.” In an ideal scenario, the customer´s expectations are even surpassed and, in addition to resulting in a high satisfaction level, it can create customer loyalty, which means repeat business and an increase in revenue.

The main reason why Customer Service is so important to a customer is because it is an added value for money. In other words, it adds value to the services and products the customer receives. From the of the service provider, good Customer Service is important as there would be no business without customers. It leads directly to an , repeat business, customer loyalty, , as well as , and an increase in public image.

Here are 6 points that can result in great Customer Service:

  • The Service provider needs to have competent and trained Staff.
  • The Account Manager needs to be easily accessible, through phone and e-mail and needs to have high communication skills, including good listening skills.
  • Any requests for quotes or queries need to be responded quickly and efficiently.
  • The Account Manager needs to make sure to the customer regarding the entire translation process and all the procedures that are involved in a translation , such as choice of , document format, exact turnaround time and payment terms.
  • The Account Manager needs to collect the required information from the customer, such as what the client´s driver is, in order to be able to provide a detailed quote that will match their needs.
  • The Account Manager needs to know resolve customer problems and show empathy when required.

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