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How to Select a Good Translation Agency

Cheap and fast are the first two words that go through most people’s minds when they start looking for a translation agency. But when they read over the first translation that they had done based solely on those two criteria, they’ll probably rethink the whole idea and realize that “quality” was actually what they were looking for. This is a little guide on how to avoid these situations when selecting who is going to do your or translation.

Quality translations can be cheap and they can have good turnaround times, no doubt about it. The trick is finding these . There are essentially two key factors that will give you a top-notch translation: the skills of the and the translation process used at the company.

Try and find out how the company chooses its translation team and see if they have native speakers on staff. See if they have specialists in the medical, legal, engineering or whatever field you need. A lot of translation projects are doomed before they because an uncle’s friend is “fluent” and is asked to take the job instead of a professional translation agency.

A good translation is not a one-step process. Ideally, you will have native speakers translating, editing and your document or . Read over the company’s process and see how they do things. If the company hasn’t listed this information on it’s company website, move on to the next.

There’s no getting around the price. It is extremely important. And the best translation companies do offer low price translations because they know what they’re doing and have the best translators following a process. So do a little homework on the English and Spanish translation company and you will see the results pay off ten-fold.