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September 20, 2011 1 Comment »

Subtitling is one option whenever the (original narration) is in a language other than the target audience’s language.

typically choose subtitling for media distribution and for broadcasting.

In the US, many times subtitling is used for national broadcasting to reach a broader audience.

First off, when deciding whether or not subtitling is suitable for programming, you must understand your audience.

In this regard, keep in mind that many countries prefer subtitles over dubbing.

If your client is creating a media disc for distribution, and you are already planning on doing voice dubbing, it is recommendable to also include subtitles in the menu, as many viewers prefer this option, especially the deaf and hard of hearing.

Your should have the capability to accurately and subtitle your programming, delivering the service in various languages directly to DVD and Blu-ray authoring systems, and even to NLE systems. This will secure an accurate delivery of your message to any audience around the world.

Trusted Translations, Inc. uses only and subtitlers available, who are always not only native speakers of the but also perfectly fluent in the source language.

It takes a lot longer to read than to listen, therefore each is carefully edited, providing a comfortable reading speed for the viewer while maintaining the meaning and impact of the . Proper names, technical jargon, and industry terms are researched to ensure proper spelling and undertone.

Trusted Translations, Inc. has the aptitude to take personalized approach to you and your and deliver a satisfactory final project.


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